YT Blocked Our 3 Reports On Vaccine Including This One! Today They Restored This. #infACTivism 15


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Published on Aug 5, 2022

(altCen Ed. note, channel creator reports video was removed then reinstated)

#infactivism 16 with Ratna #journalismforpositivechange
I asked, "Is Censorship The Right Approach?"

It happened in the month of January. I reported on vaccine and interviewed two doctors who questioned the necessity of mass vaccination. YouTube had blocked both of our reports. WHY?

I made a formal appeal questioning the censorship. I told them, better come on debate rather than going for censorship.

My appeal was rejected. Empire Diaries Founder-Editor Nadim Siraj and I was planning what to do! Shall we go for legal help?
Then we decided to to make this video. We uploaded it on YouTube questioning their censorship.

This video too was censored and removed. I got a strike from the channel. Couldn't upload anything for a month. We were infuriating realising how deeply our internet space is colonised.
We decided not to appeal. We waited but continued to produce stories. Today we decided to appeal again and YT has restored this video.

Are you a victim of Big Tech censorship? Write to us in detail. If we feel it is worth publishing we will get back to you.

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