Redskins.. why would you want to keep such a term?


Ryan Dawson


Published on Jun 22, 2014

Justin S. and I started talking about the Redskin issue and it just dovetailed into lot of things stupid people thing that piss both of us off. I do not agree with government forcing a business to drop a trademark. But it is a ridiculous trademark. I gotta say I am enjoying the skype conversations with donors.

Im so sick of this one "But but Redskin came from Indians 300 years ago its their own word so we can say it! It's not scalps google told me so all of two or three days ago." LOL. No dude it does refer to scalping. Just as Nigger comes from Negro Spanish for black, the innocent origin didn't remain that way. Redskin starts by meaning not white but Indian in North America, it becomes a term like nigger for Indians and later and then its the slang to the actual red skins aka the scalps which it had already been in Europe since Scythia times aka 440BC long before America was even discovered.That scalps are literally blood red skins and they were already called Indians redskins fit with the phrase the only good Injun is a dead Injun and it was depicted by Hollywood books and plays 100% as a derogatory term for Native people who were scalped both in film and in real life.

But anytime a problem has more than two layers too it Democrats and Republicans brains shit down.

For the record just as the Japanese had no word for green but considered it a shade of blue. Most Native languages combine red and brown as one color. Many languages combine yellow with gold too. In English has a word for red and different word for light red (pink).

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