Post Office in Peril: USPS Crisis is an Election Scam? | Red, White & True News | Ep. 15


True the Vote


Published on Aug 27, 2020

With the election a little more than two months away, Democrats are fabricating this fake Post Office "crisis" as part of their nationwide push for universal mail-in voting. Last weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called lawmakers back to Washington in the middle of August recess for an "emergency" session to pass a $25 billion USPS funding bill to promote the left's mail-in election scam.

In this episode, Catherine takes a closer look at the Democrats' engineered chaos around the Post Office, and breaks down the important difference between vote by mail and voting absentee. The bottom line is, the left's actions are disenfranchising both Democrat and Republican voters and fueling Americans' distrust in the entire election process.

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