Elon Musk JUST REVEALED New Light Speed Engine with NASA!


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Published on Dec 30, 2021

Elon Musk JUST REVEALED New Light Speed Engine with NASA!
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NASA engineer David Burns has been doing just that. He claims to have developed an engine design that could hypothetically accelerate to 99 percent the speed of light without the need for propellant. On paper, it works by exploiting the way mass may change at relativistic speeds - those near to the speed of light in a vacuum - and he's put it to the NASA Technical Reports Server under the title "Helical Engine."
"This in-space engine could be used for long-term satellite station-keeping without refueling," Dr Burns writes in his paper. "It could also propel spacecraft across interstellar distances, reaching close to the speed of light."
Light would struggle to keep up with you at these speeds, altering your eyesight in strange ways. Everything behind you would turn dark, and time would appear to slow to a crawl, with clocks slowing to a crawl and planets appearing to cease spinning. Dr. Burns' crazy notion is revolutionary because it eliminates the need for rocket fuel entirely.
To transport humans to Mars and beyond, today's rockets, such as those produced by Nasa and SpaceX, would require tons of propellants like liquid hydrogen. The difficulty is that the more gasoline you put in, the heavier the ship becomes. Modern propellant tanks are simply too large for interplanetary travel. High-tech particle accelerators, such as those used in Europe's Large Hadron Collider, are used in the helical engine to get around this.

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