Are Humans slaves to the Machines?


Steel Truth


Published on Jun 1, 2020

Cyrus Parsa, The A.I. Organization
Weaponized AI Bio-Tech Transfer, Endangering the Lives of All People, Complicity to Slave Camps, China.
Threatening and Endangering the Lives of All of the World’s People with the Misuse of Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Negligent Bio-Weapon Tech Transfer, Negligent Failure to stop Chinese IP and Sensitive A.I. Biotechnology theft, Complicity to Genocide, and Aiding in Physical Genocide within the slave camps inside of China by transferring AI Quantum Biotechnology, Financial Investments, Trade, Surveillance Systems, Facial Recognition, and Engaging in Cultural Genocide of Humanity via Cybernetics, Bioengineering, Trans-Humanism, by Controlling and Re-Programming the Human Races and the upcoming new generation of peoples Thoughts, Emotions and Brain Chemistry to accept and transition to transhumanism by Bio-Digitally Social Programming and Social Engineering the human race via AI coding and AI algorithmic biometric manipulation of their Nervous Systems, Electrical Fields, and Neural Networks through multiple Patented Smart Phone, IoT Proximity censors and other sophisticated technologies.

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SCOTUS Rules 5/4 to uphold pandemic restrictions on holding churching service, rejecting an emergency appeal of a CA church on limits of size of attendance at CA church.
Can AI be responsible for the outbreaks of violence all over the country?
Covid was not planned by humans? Is it possible?
Animals and AI cause disease?
The fear of the people from the left is that if they don’t hide in their homes until a vaccine or cure is found, they could die. The fear of the people on the right is they could die through famine, conflicts, civil discord, debilitating vaccines, wars, technocratic enslavement or undergo tremendous suffering from loss of job or their freedoms as provided by the constitution or their faith and common sense of free will.

Virus and AI machines come out at the same time? 5G, AI and Virus all at the same time? Coincidence?
Why are our lives in dangerous
Artificial Intelligence. Danger to Hummanity – mixing animals and humans turning into a virus. Does it have plague qualities?

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