UnSpun 185 – Steve Jones: “Bringing it All Together: How Gnosticism Took Over”




Published on Feb 25, 2020

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UnSpun 185 – Steve Jones: “Bringing it All Together: How Gnosticism Took Over”

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Continuing our investigation into Islam, Sufism, and Gnosticism, tonight Steve Jones returns to discuss how Gnosticism took over.

Steve Jones has been researching the fall of the Christian Church for nearly twenty years. He is former faculty of both Nashotah Episcopal Seminary as well as St. John’s/Northwestern Military Academy. He was also formerly in charge of Liturgy & Music for the Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee. Jones is perhaps most noted for his research and compilation of the Divine Liturgy of the Sarum Rite, a work now accepted by many Eastern Orthodox as an authentic liturgy of the Church. He has several books to his credit including research into the authenticity of the Book of Esther. His present interest is in the clandestine leveraging of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Steve's books:

The Death of Tradition

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