Red Ice TV: Moving Forward Despite More Censorship & Fake News FF Ep48




Published on Oct 25, 2019

Youtube seems awfully determined to silence Henrik and Lana despite the lack of any actual "hate speech" or other violations. Uploading this will probably get me in trouble but they can't keep the truth from getting out.


Henrik and Lana go over some of the important events and stories of the past week.

* Support for Red Ice after YouTube ban has been a morale booster
* “Consolidation price” from the Swedish King to Greta Thunberg for not winning the Nobel peace prize
* Lefties want to take Handke’s Nobel Prize for siding with Serbs
* Ann Coulter goes off about population replacement
* Big Tech Green Card Bill S.386, Mission to bring in cheap labor to America
* Students burn anti-White book written by their “teacher”
* Ben Shapiro is arming himself against the LGBT agenda
* ABC News "mistakenly" airs video from Kentucky gun show as Syria bombing footage
* On #PronounsDay, the UK police are being dispatched to make sure you use the correct pronouns