The LifeSiteNews Road to Caritas in Veritate (Love in Truth)




Published on Feb 15, 2012

This 54-minute talk given by John-Henry Westen on June 25 in Toronto, Canada presents an overview of the LifeSiteNews reporting philosophy within the context of some of the major issues and significant experiences of LifeSiteNews work. John-Henry received a standing ovation from the conference crowd after he ended his presentation.

There are consistent themes tying the entire talk together as well as specific divisions within the talk as follows:

1. The first part addresses the reasons, experiences and philosophy of LifeSiteNews coverage of the homosexual issue.

2. Beginning at 14:35 the Development and Peace controversy is addressed in detail with much supporting evidence of the LifeSiteNews coverage in response to the intense criticism from some quarters regarding that coverage.

3. Beginning at 37:33 John-Henry addresses what LifeSiteNews sees as being "true social justice" action as opposed to the Development and Peace more limited approach.

4. The talks ends starting at 45:28 with the subject "suffering for the cause of life."

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