5 Questions Libertarians Can't Answer - Answered!


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Jul 27, 2015

0:00 - Is very limited government the same on a moral level as very large government? On a moral level, is it the same to steal one penny as it is to steal $100,000?

16:10 - One argument I always hear when talking about taxes, etc, is that it is "part of living in a society”. What is the best way to answer that?

22:35 - When talking about the free market/entitlement programs, multiple arguments come from the “other side” that I would like to hear his argument against. First, “how will people survive without a social safety net?

32:13 - Should every business be able to deny service to anyone they want? People usually go insane when I say that businesses should be allowed to. The argument I often hear is that it is “more immoral” to refuse service to someone for sex, race, sexual orientation, etc. than it is to make those business owners serve them.

44:37 - One last thing- what are your thoughts on the New Deal from FDR? Throughout public school, I was taught over and over and conditioned to believe that the New Deal was what saved the US from the Great Depression, but I have come to think otherwise.

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