The Moral History of Me


Stefan Molyneux


Published on Nov 10, 2012

Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, answers psychological questions about his moral development.

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1. Using your own words, no right or wrong answer, please briefly define morality.

2. How do you think you came to acquire the moral sense you have today? Was there any one person that influenced your moral development the most?

3. Do you remember witnessing actions by someone that you felt were good examples of morality or immorality at the time? How old were you, and how do you think exposure to those actions affected your current moral sense?

4. Would you describe your parents or caregivers as moral people? Please provide an example of an action that led you to your conclusion.

5. Provide an example of an immoral act you committed early in life (something minor, of course)? What were the immediate consequences (were you "caught" or corrected?) and what did you take away from it? Please describe feelings, etc.

6. Compare and contrast your current moral sense and your sense of morals earlier in life. How has your understanding of morality changed over time?

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