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 Created Jul 26, 2016

Will Patriot

THANK YOU for stopping by, to check out my Channel.
Here, you will see information- that I HOPE- will help you survive the coming CHTF... some information on current events, some information on Prepping, & an occassional "How To" video, that might help you out, in various scenarios in your life.
As you will soon know, after watching my videos... I truly care about each and everyone of you guys... Thats the ONLY reason I do these videos.
You will also find out, I am a FIRM supporter of the U.S. Constitution, & Love GOD, Family, & Country (in that order)
I am an LEO Veteran, Martial Arts Expert, and furthermore- served as a Sniper for a Multi-Jurisdictional S.R.T. (SWAT) for 2 years. I AM NOT A KEYBOARD PATRIOT, nor am I an Extremist or Terrorist- in anyway shape or form. I love my Country too much for that.
God Bless each and everyone of you (even the haters) 😉✌
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