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 Created Oct 2, 2011
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Miscegenation (racial mixing) leads towards racial death, which ultimately ends in cultural extinction. It is the path of regression.
And that path would render our world into a cultureless and spiritless wasteland without purpose, inhabited by a collective of hybridized people who lack any form of racial identity and therein lacking the ambition and potential to ascend to a higher form of being.
Hybrids who strive towards nothing more then to exist and to consume, destroying what is left of our once natural world and finally to be purged by Mother Nature herself.
Therefore it is essential to preserve the identity of one's race to assure the continuity of one's kin and heritage as well as to allow for the survival of our world and for the ascension of oneself and one's race, unhindered by lesser blood that would taint our physical and spiritual being and take away from our genetic greatness and potential. National Socialism is the only way to restore order in a world...

Being Aryan - Nobility of Spirit


Published Mar 27, 2015