Metokur & KeemStar “Chat” with The Quartering Ends in Kick & Blocked


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Published on Nov 7, 2018

A lot of 💩 talk from the Quartering on twitter with Metokur leads off with The Quartering telling Metokur “Let’s Chat” the #Killstream was still live on & they waited for him to make up his mind about coming on or starting his own stream. Lots of back in forth on twitter and dms The Quartering kept wanting Jim to go live on his channel yet he invited Jim for a chat. Fast forward to the end of the #Killstream The quartering fires up his own stream by this time KeemStar has been calling him out as well so Joins the stream as well.

(Part of the audio while recording was cut out so I recorded some from Andywarski’s on just two minutes in the middle of the clip. So I have demonetized this video.
Original Source to clip in the middle
👉 )

The Quartering deleted this stream.

A lot went down twitter check out;


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