Freed to be Wild


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Published on Apr 18, 2022

In the remote Ryrkaypiy village in #Chukotka, local Tatyana Minenko leads bear patrols – groups of volunteers keeping watch over polar bears and walruses protecting them from poachers and intercepting the bears from human contact.

In the Primorsky region, Russia’s leading tiger protector Pavel Fomenko patrols icy forests, keeping a close eye on the Amur tiger whose numbers have recovered from being on the verge of extinction. Pavel tracks the big cats to check their health, treats injured animals, and keeps poachers away from the endangered tigers.

Ornithologist Igor Karyakin drives across the steppes of Southern Siberia in search of wild adoptive parents for Saker falcon hatchlings born in captivity. He is in charge of the unique WWF programme of restoring the raptor population decimated by poachers.

Freed to Be Wild is a joint project by RTD and the World Wildlife Fund (#WWF) celebrating its 25th anniversary in #Russia. Find out more about the wildlife protectors in Russia and their dedicated work.

The endangered animals of Russia and the dedicated people who save them.