The Religious Origins of the SJW


NPI / Radix


Published on Apr 27, 2020

SJWism is not simply a variation on liberalism or leftism. It’s best understood as a replacement religion—one that is flourishing in our putatively secular age. Traditional religions succeeded in making populations more evolutionarily adaptive: more fertile, cooperative, and willing to outcompete others, all of which are conceived as the will of the gods. SJWism, by contrast, is a “death cult” that aims to lose.

Among other effects, the rise of the SJW marks the return of heresy as a religious and political concept, as well as the dolling out of quasi-death sentences to those who think “evil” thoughts. One cannot understand current controversies around social-media “de-platforming” and “cancel culture” without inquiring into the evolutionary origins of the SJW religion, which undergirds and legitimizes these phenomena.

In the end, the West’s collapse into “Clown World” is due to the impact of industrialization on the human environment and the end of Darwinian selection. One surprising result is the birth of a new intolerant religion, which shares much in common with monotheism, but has dispensed with God.