Lies and Deceit In American Film




Published on Jul 1, 2012

Decades of deceitful motion pictures have done much to produce a misinformed and compliant American public. A notable example of such film deceit is "Mission to Moscow," a major Hollywood production made with White House backing, that portrays Soviet dictator Stalin and the Soviet Russian regime as benevolent, peace-loving and trustworthy. Another good example is the "Why We Fight" series of documentary-style films produced by the US War Department, which have been viewed by millions. Made during World War II, these seven films use staged scenes and fake quotations to present a grossly distorted view of history and the world. Along with countless other motion pictures that likewise reflect the outlook and agenda of those who hold power in the US, these productions promote dangerous falsehoods about modern history, including the "big lie" claim that Hitler and Third Reich Germany were bent on world conquest.
Source:The Mark Weber Report

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