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Published on May 25, 2018

Freedom Of Speech is dead in Western Europe.

It is now the case that those who control the State control what can and cannot be said, and therefore what can and cannot be thought.

The "Liberal Elite" will not tolerate any political dissent, as it becomes more and more apparent that their ideas have utterly failed. Even as they pretend to stand for "tolerance", they brutally suppress any attempt by the populations they govern to express any concerns about the directions their countries are being taken. Liberalism, the once defining political ideology of Europe, is morphing into a suicidal Authoritarian Dictatorship as a result.

Even today in the UK, journalist Tommy Robinson was falsely accused of "breaching the peace", arrested, and sent to prison for non-crime of filming outside the trial of a Muslim rape grooming gang. It is entirely possible that he will be killed in prison, as he has received numerous death threats already; it could turn out to be a deliberate death sentence.

The sole purpose of Politically Correct censorship is to make truth impossible to say, and lies impossible to question. Without freedom to speak, new political ideas become impossible, meaning the current elites will retain power indefinitely. The only solution is to remove the current political leaders of Europe, by any legal means necessary.

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