Waffen SS Dutch Holland 12 SS Brigrade Nederland March and interview




Published on Mar 13, 2009

March starts at 0:50 Interview at 4:20 in German.
My first video, so please take that in consideration. Enjoy the music, I personally love the march of the Dutch 12th SS Brigade.

This one is for historical reasons and not meant to create a discussion. But feel free to do so. In my future videos I I will try to tell more about the SS and thinking of the men and the why.

Pending.... I'll write a translation of the words of Ir. Anton Mussert here. Probably also some other information regarding to this video. The interview or words of the Dutchmen are not so very easy for me to understand so I'm afraid that I will not be able to translate that. I have more interviews, also one where it's more easy to follow the German words. Please let me know if you know or can hear the words.

Feel free to ask me anything you want, via comments or via mail. Dont be offensive please. No swearing!

I'm planning on making more video's in the future, this is just my first, a test so to say. I hope that I can make more video's with historic facts in them and pictures of the Dutch SS.

Disclaimer: I'm not a nazi myself, I believe in a combination of nationalism and patriotism. I'm also conservative. I could tell a lot more about my thinking but I think that's not relevant now. Although I prefer everything above a country lead by such weak men as in Holland. And I don't really like it to see so many foreigners in my country, to say the least!! I would be rather ruled by Germans than Muslims and cowards. A great movement in the Dutch politics is necessary to save our country and race and faith!! I'm convinced of that.

Thank you for the understanding.

Kan u geen Engels laat het mij dan weten dan vertaal ik het graag voor u.

This is the translation of the first 50 seconds. The Dutch NSB leader Ir. Mussert says this: Remember, there is an opportunity for a future, a future for your people so great and so beautiful as never seen before in this time. A new Europe will be born in this time, with blood and tears. To build this future with this people, to remind you of that, to discus that, that is the purpose of this meeting that we announced in the whole country. Be a man and a leader, do the thing that must be done for your comrades and your people! And try to not think about yourself. Hou Zee (Something like the German Sieg Heil -Sieg is victory Heil is hail- I guess but Hou means hold and zee is sea so I would translate that as hold fast or something like that). Hou zee comrades, hou zee hou zee hou zee.