Madness: Rare in Individuals, Common in Groups | Jared Taylor Speech at 2022 AmRen Conference


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Published on Mar 11, 2023

Published on March 8, 2023

“What is it about whites,” Mr. Taylor wants to know, “that makes them casually say such vicious things about their own people?” He traces this to a uniquely white compulsion to feel virtuous. Mr. Taylor notes that whites' zeal for the welfare of other races and a thirst to condemn their own people is unique. No other people ever work up a fanatic conviction that they are bad and should be suppressed. He says we should not to think of our opponents as vicious or bad-intentioned, but as lost brothers and sisters whom we must respect enough to try to understand and win over. We cannot afford the dizzying luxury of hatred; we must enlighten and lead.

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