Pt. 2. The Dangers of so-called "Gender Affirming Care" Jenny Kyng, RN, on UnMaskingTheTransMovement


Jon Uhler


Published on Mar 13, 2023

Despite the carefully crafted spin of the benefits of "Affirmative Care" or the supposed of "Transgender Medicine", the facts and reality of this medical scandal are being suppressed, and those attempting to blow the whistle on this grand scheme are being silenced. What are the facts? Vulnerable young people are being terribly harmed by such "treatments", are finding themselves left permanently sterilized, and are being left with serious medical complications and compounded psychological issues as a result if this willful medical maltreatment.
In Pt. 2 of this important interview, Jon K. Uhler, LPC continues his interview professional psychotherapist & RN, Jennifer Robin Kyng, who specializes working with eating disorders, shares her professional concerns about the harmful scam being foisted upon gender-confused young people, under the guise of "Gender Affirming Care," which markets to those young people sucked into the cult-like nature of the Trans Movement. What are the concerns, from a professional medical and psychological perspective, about "affirming" vulnerable youth who have untreated mental health conditions, and beginning the medicalization process called "Gender Affirming Care"? Jenny King describes the facts, details, and the dark reality that both adults and teens need to understand about this dangerous practice.

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