Underwater close up of a curious young bull walrus


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Published on Apr 26, 2013

Underwater close up of a curious young bull walrus, Odobenus rosmarus along Spitsbergen and the northwest coast of the Svalbard Archipelago in Svalbard, Norway. WITHIN A whisker of one and a half ton giant walruses - this photographer had a NOSE for trouble. But luckily for him these 11-foot-long blubber filled sea beasts were in a good mood so there was a FAT chance the curious nature snapper would be mauled, even though at times he was just one foot-way from their powerful jaws and sharp tusks. The pictures by New York wildlife photographer, Steve Kazlowski, 42, show the complete Arctic summer day for these creatures -- from lazing on the ice to swimming gracefully underwater. For Steve, who travelled to Svalbard in Norway to take these pictures, the most exciting part of his work was noticing how different the mighty walruses behaved on land and in the sea. For more information visit www.lefteyepro.com.

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