Russia is Preparing for a Direct Military Conflict with NATO!




Published on Aug 28, 2022

Russia is Preparing for a Direct Military Conflict with NATO!

During the Cold War, one of the central bases for storing and maintaining strategic and tactical nuclear weapons in the USSR was the so-called “Object 711” or “Ivano-Frankivsk-16”, located in the urban-type settlement of ''Delyatyn'' in Ukraine. According to open sources ''built in 1955, 150 meters underground, this two-story military warehouse was able to withstand a direct hit by an atomic bomb and was considered one of the safest places in the world''. After the removal of the entire nuclear arsenal from there in the early 90s, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense considered this empty military warehouse to be an ideal place to store most of the aviation and missile ammunition from Western Ukraine. However, in the course of a special military operation, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation clearly showed that the latest non-nuclear Dagger hypersonic missiles are capable of easily destroying such anti-nuclear fortifications. Let me remind you that on March 18, 2022, the Dagger hypersonic missile completely destroyed the famous "Object 711" with a direct hit.

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