Free Speech Under Assault


Borzoi Boskovic


Published on Dec 12, 2018

Free speech is once again under attack in the United States. Gunnar Hassard has been charged with a felony for putting up fliers in a public space depicting swastikas, a violation of a New York state law that prohibits it. However, it's pretty clear that his law is unconstitutional as Brandenburg v Ohio is definitive that hate speech that is not meant to incite immediate violence is legal and attempts to legally curb it are unconstitutional.

Our freedoms rely on people who are willing to stand up not only for their rights but the rights of others to express themeslves. Will anyone stand up for Gunnar's rights or, will like so many cowards in America, will they stay silent and cower and hope that because they went after a Nazi that no one will come for them next?

Nothing will change as long as we remain silent and demand that people and organizations who claim to believe in free speech stand up and show solidarity.