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Published on Sep 1, 2017

Facts aren't, and cannot, be racist or hateful. Good info makes for good policy, harmony, and real justice.

Facts fight Antisemitism, the evils of the "White privilege" myth, and Black victimhood.

IQs for races are averages. Meaning, there are low and high IQ people of each race.

The differences are in the averages. Especially evident when plotted on a chart, which always represents a bell curve.

Based upon averages, verified over 1000s studies, over the past 100 years, racial differences in IQ are fact, and mainstream psychology.

Verified averages by historically Black universities such as Howard, & Yale, Harvard, etc:

115 Jewish (Ashkenazi)
105 North Asian
100 Caucasoid
89 Native American/mixed race Latin American
85 American Blacks (ave 25% White DNA)
68 Native Negroids of sub-Saharan Africa

Controlled for population size:

For every American Black with a 140 IQ, there are
2600 Whites
15000 Jews (Ashkenazim sub race/group)

For every Negroid native (no Caucasian DNA) of sub-Saharan African with a 140 IQ, there are 42,000 Caucasoids

Jews outperform, on average, in academics, income, and the hard sciences not due to some "evil secret Jewish cabal", it's due to having the highest average IQ in the world. By a rather large margin too compared to Whites.

IQ required:

For a hard science PhD?
For a college degree in a real major?
To run a business?
To be a computer programmer/IT worker? 110? 100? 90? 85? 70?
Of course, one's value and dignity have nothing to do with IQ, race, gender, sexual orientation, or political party.

IQ + Culture (value of work, rejection of unwed motherhood etc)
X Economic System = Results

Respect to all.

Censorship, especially of facts, is evil.
Censorship: A tool of fascists, communists, or other evils.

P.S. Most millionaires were C students. So, hope abounds.

Respect and love to all. More information is helpful to all. So, onward.

Facts are always the way towards harmony and justice.

Is the U.S. military racist for rejecting those with an IQ under 82?

Is the U.S. military racist for rejecting 40% of Blacks vs 15% of Whites based on IQ/written exam failure?

Isn't asking "what does 2+2=?" fair, across all groups, genders, and races?

Isn't "race norming"/Affirmative Action, racist? Shouldn't there be one standard for all on written exams for government service careers and private employment?

Is evolution racist for "making" different races have different IQ averages?

Did evolution stop 60,000 years ago when humanity expanded out of sub-Saharan Africa?

If not, did the evolutionary forces that made our wonderful variety of races effect our largest organ (skin), yet leave another organ that consumes 20% our our energy (the brain), untouched? That's rather an unscientific hypothesis, and disproven via DNA, and academic and economic results. Disproven by real life results.

Are all of the 13,000 plus school districts in the U.S. racist?

Where there is a critical mass of 1000 or more students to compare across races, in not one, do Blacks perform at the top as a group.

Peel it down more.

Is the New York City school system, with 1.1 million students, racist?

Do its teachers purposely teach less effectively to Black students?

Of course not. Then why do Blacks perform at the bottom, even in liberal NYC?

Why on average as a group, do non-Black students entering school speaking English as a second language, or no English at all, out perform Blacks in NYC?
Sorry, racial IQ averages are real. I wish they were not.

Meta study link 1:
Mainstream Science on Intelligence & IQ: 52 PhD Signatories with Biography

Meta study link 2:
Education, IQ, Income & Crime - Factors & Solutions

These documents are publicly searchable by name on Google.