Victorian Government Plans Forced Vaccinations




Published on Aug 5, 2020

Victorian Government Plans Forced Vaccinations.
Reading Between the lines it looks like they will force all the residents in Victoria and later expand it to the other states to take the vaccination.

We know it's not legal under the 1900 constitution is called experimentation but these people do not care and it also comes under war crimes, if you read the Geneva Convention & international human rights charter, and the Nuremberg articles, it is totally against international law and all human right laws.

These people do not care now stepping outside the law and are going to stay outside the law have already committed treason and they will continue to committed treason,

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Aiding and abetting the criminal Victorian fake government are the storm troopers all dressed in black with guns if you do not take it they will hold you down and they will force you to take it.

This is also a crime against humanity these people don't care because as far as they are concerned they only taken orders.

Someday when the government is back in the people's hands they will all be facing justice in a court of law the excuse I was only obeying orders will not carry any weight.

We have seen this before with the Nazi regime in the 1940s.

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Victorian Government plans compulsory vaccinations at end of suburban Covid lockup.

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