Limbaugh and Fox: Tools of Malaise or Tools of War? (Antedote live on Clubhouse)


The Antedote


Published on Feb 26, 2021

Recorded on Wednesday 2/24/2021
Greg and Jeremy, recording via Clubhouse, discuss the legacy of Rush Limbaugh and how Limbaugh and Fox News have been key players in shaping our society for the past three decades and why we believe they have been instrumental in harming actual real American Conservatism. We discuss Limbaugh's roles in the 1994 "Republican Revolution", the post 9/11 criminal wars under Bush, and the rise of Trump, and how Limbaugh and Fox have weaponized every major issue of the past three decades to a disastrous effect. We also discuss the "war on terror" and get into the Neocon split and differentiate the "Never Trump" neocons from their in many cases even more hawkish Trump loving counterparts.
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