Imam Hussein Abu Ayada, Rafah Friday Sermon: “Tie Me to A Missile and Fire It at Tel Aviv”




Published on Nov 19, 2018

On November 16, 2018, Sheikh Hussein Abu Ayada, head of the Tribes and Reconciliation Department at Hamas Ministry of Interior, delivered a Friday sermon in Rafah, dressed in military fatigues. Addressing Hamas and Islamic Jihad military wings, Sheikh Abu Ayada shouted: “Tie me to a missile and fire it at Tel Aviv… Enough with the humiliation.” Abu Ayada also criticized the Gulf states, claiming that they oppose the Hamas-Fatah reconciliation and “support the Jews in the destruction of Gaza.” The sermon was filmed by Haidara Al-Sharif and excerpts from it were posted by Jihad Al-Sharif on his Facebook page. Audio and video effects of fire and missile were included in the original.