Laura Wilson RIP


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Published on Oct 9, 2020

On this day in 2010 17 year old Laura Wilson went missing, her body was found 2 days later.

At the age of 11 Laura was referred to a child sexual exploitation project as she was classed as being at risk of being groomed by gangs of ‘Asian men’ - NOTHING WAS DONE TO PROTECT HER

Aged 17 Laura was brutally murdered in what was described as Britain’s first white honour killing. She told the family of her Muslim boyfriend, Ashtiaq Asghar, about their relationship.

Ashtiaq made Laura keep their relationship a secret. He had numerous relationships with younger white girls. Laura found out and slept with his married friend, Ishaq Hussain, to make him jealous. At the age of 16 she fell pregnant. Laura became sick of being a secret and feeling used so she revealed all to his family. Ashtiaq’s mother hit her and called her “a dirty white b*tch”. She then went and told Ishaq’s family he was the father of her baby. The public episodes were said to have “fetched shame on their family....she had to be stopped”

Ashgar texted Hussain saying “I’m going to send that kuffar b*tch straight to hell”. He lured Laura to meet him at a canal in Rotherham. Laura did not return home that evening. Two days later, Laura’s body was found in the canal. She had more than 40 stab wounds, most of those to the head.

At the trial the court heard how Laura was stabbed and thrown into the canal, she kept fighting for her life. The stab wounds to her head were done to keep her under the water. Ashtiaq Asghar was sentenced to 17-and-a-half years imprisonment and showed no remorse. Ishaq Hussain was found not guilty of murder then acquitted at a retrial