DUKW - 'Duck' Landing (2000, WWII Documentary)


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Published on Jul 24, 2020

A modification of the 2-ton "deuce", the DUKW amphibious truck was designed in 1942 by a team that included a British sailor, an American yacht builder and an MIT engineer. Its official name was the DUKW Amphibious Vehicle but to the American G.I.s in World War Two, it was the "Duck". Over 21,000 DUKWs were built during WWII. The slowest and least lovely vessel ever to put to sea, the 'Duck' proved to be a vital machine in the Allied amphibious victories - from the D-Day beaches in Normandy to the Pacific Islands of Saipan and Iwo Jima.

Alexander IV History's supplementary notes:
From the "Battle Stations" series.
Narrated by: James Faulkner
Extended interview with James Hines (DUKW Driver) joined to the film 44:39 - 1:01:52
Plus short WWII era US film on the DUKW 1:01:52


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