Transgender Activists "Poached" "Least Emotionally Stable" Kids for GSA Clubs


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Published on Mar 10, 2023

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Glendale Unified School District English teacher Lisa Avery explains in shocking detail how she and her husband (who at the time was her school’s Mental Health Counselor) engaged in unethical and potentially illegal practices to start the Gay-Straight Alliance club at Rosemont Middle School.

Avery describes how they "poached" the "least emotionally stable" children from the counselors office and used food and misinformation to manipulate kids into participating in what was supposed to be a "student-led" club.

She also describes how they bully school staff, keep secrets from parents, disregard student confidentiality and use emotional manipulation against those who get in their way. She even boasts that some of her students call her "Mom."

Footage taken from newly-uncovered "Instant GSA (Just Add Kids!)" workshop at the 2019 California Teachers Association LGBTQ+ Issues Conference.

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