US government and press are Israeli occupied


Ryan Dawson


Published on Sep 4, 2014

Its not the "illuminati" it's AIPAC and they are not a secret.
ISIS is a side effect of the US's own policy in Syria. A policy the US wouldn't have if it were not for AIPAC. Mel Gibson says a racial slur while drunk angry and provoked in a private conversation being secretly taped and the world jumps on him. Joan Rivers sober says publicly to a reporter and camera that Palestinians should die. Later went on Howards Sterns show and restated it. Not a peep from anyone in Hollywood or TV about it. This wasn't just a racist belief or desire it was something that was actually happening. Jews are not actually being rounded up and killed but Palestinians are. Yet no outrage for such a blatantly racist and sadistic statement. You're not allowed to criticize Israel or you will lose your job.

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