Vril - The Force of Liberation!




Published on Jun 26, 2015

A tribute video made by my good comrade Georgie.

Hail to Balder - Herald of the Coming New Golden Age!
Hail to Vidar - Vanquisher of the son of Loki, Fenrir!
Hail to the Nornir - The Goddesses of Fate who always guided us and still do, who have relentlessly led the War against Loki and his demonic host and still continue to wage this War to free our Gods and help end this Dark Age.
Hail to the return of our Asa and Vana Gods and the end of the Age of Loki!
Hail to the Vril Society and Hail to the Imperial Germans!

"Am Ende Steht der Sieg"

- Vril und Schicksal -

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