Russia readies one of its largest Yars ICBM as a clear message to the West


Pravda Report


Published on Dec 16, 2022

The installation of the Yars intercontinental ballistic missile into a silo launcher in the Kozelsky missile formation is a signal that Russia is sending to the West. The Yars ICBM was loaded into the silo launcher at the Kozelsky missile formation of the Strategic Missile Forces to "solve the assigned task." It took several hours to conduct the operation.
The RS-24 Yars strategic missile system with a solid-propellant ICBM is a modification of the Topol-M missile system. The RS-24 missile has new technology to overcome missile defence. The Yars has a range of 12,000 kilometres and is capable of developing the speed ten times the speed of sound.

US-based publication 19FortyFive put the Yars on the list of five types of weapons that are suitable for Russia's war against the United States. The RS-24 missile, which can be set ready in seven minutes, is capable of carrying from three to six multiple warheads with individual targeting units.

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