Red Ice Radio - Andy Thomas - Pt 3 - The Truth Agenda


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Published on May 31, 2010

We have author and lecturer Andy Thomas back on the program to talk about his new book "Truth Agenda". We talk about the concept of truth, unexplained mysteries and the upcoming election in the UK. Does politics matter? We talk about Conspiracy facts vs. theories. We talk about a humble approach to conspiracy subjects and the importance of gentleness and kindness towards newcomers into these subjects. Topics Discussed: Media Control, 9/11 truth, Infiltration of Groups, Global Warming, Climtegate, Conspiracy Theorists, Conspiracy Facts, Truth, BBC's The One Show, 7/7, The Polish Flight Accident, Death of Dr. David Kelly, The Afghan and Iraq War, the Drug Cartels, Weapons of Mass Deception, Murder of Weapons Inspectors and much more. We continue to talk about the truth agenda in the next hour. We discuss the global conspiracy, snoop technology, the structure of power. We talk about fear, trivia, the emergence of a new state of consciousness and the changing qualities of the current times. We talk about rituals, occult symbolism, and if a superstitious priesthood is controlling the inner circles of the brotherhood or if it's the lust for money and power that drives everything. We talk about the word "Conspiracy" and "Conspiracy Theorists". We also discuss the different entry point that people can have into these fields, people can come from an interest in ancient civilizations, ET, UFO's, how the pyramids were built, geopolitics or corruption.

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