I have had enough of the innocent being attacked in Portland


Joey Gibson Patriot Prayer USA


Published on Aug 17, 2020

I have remained silent about the injustices in Portland for the last year because I wanted to focus on positive goals in areas where people believe in Freedom and Truth. I also didn't want people to be distracted from the government using covid-19 as a power grab. I assumed that the “leaders” in Portland would wake up after they saw the city burning to the ground. I now see that they do not care about justice or what happens to the innocent people of Portland. What happened last night disgusted me to the point of literal nausea. Why does the Mayor not speak out against what you see in the video below? Do the “leaders” in Portland condone this violence? If the “leaders” refuse to protect the innocent then it is the obligation of the people to stand for justice. Important live video tomorrow.