Live Q&A: “Gang Rules” Suggest Chaos In the CCP’s Leadership; Paranoia Grows Ahead of Olympics


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Published on Dec 26, 2021

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Xi Jinping is putting new emphasis on “internal Party regulations” that help maintain the power of the Chinese government, and this new emphasis is being taken as a sign that it may not be as stable as it appears. For context, this came after the 16th plenary session of the 6th Central Committee, a core meeting of the top leadership. Political commentator Lu Tianming told The Epoch Times that Xi’s statements are an attempt to sound the alarm to his political opponents, noting “These gang rules will be imposed to punish opponents.”

In other news, the Chinese government is moblizating a grassroots force of citizens to monitor their fellow citizens, under the banner of stability and maintenance ahead of Beijing Winter Olympics. As part of this, the head of the regime’s Political and Legal Affairs Commission promoted the “Maple Branch experience,” and discussed the need of “grid management.”

And meanwhile, the United States and Japan are drawing up plans on how they may respond if there’s a so-called “Taiwan emergency” over China. According to The Guardian, Japanese media are reporting that under the plan, US Marines would set up temporary bases on the Nansei islands near Taiwan, while Japanese armed forces would provide logistical support in ammunition and fuel supplies. Kyodo News cites the claims to unnamed Japanese government sources.

In this live Q&A with Crossroads host Joshua Philipp we’ll discuss these stories and others, and answer questions from the audience.

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Live Q&A: “Gang Rules” Suggest Chaos In the CCP’s Leadership; Paranoia Grows Ahead of Olympics

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