Designing a Duty-Worthy 3D Printed Magazine


Gunny McGunsmith


Published on Apr 6, 2021

In this livestream, we're working on the 3d printed sten magazine design that logsleeve and I have been collaborating on as part of our mac-11 related projects. I just completed a round of durability testing which included 10 drops directly onto the feedlips, 10 drops directly onto the baseplate of the magazine while inserted into the gun (a 10ish pound drop) driving over the magazine bodies.

I was shocked to see the 3D printed magazines do as well as they did. Printed in just standard PLA they survived all tests (with damage) and kept on feeding. This session of CAD is focused on taking those findings and combining them into the strongest overall magazine design. Look for these magazines to release with the SVTR and my printed Mac-11 frame.

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