The Real Camp Freedom, Wellington, New Zealand & The Police Violence That Shut It Down


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Published on Mar 4, 2022

Thanks to Adam and Rick of Authentic Media for the video footage. Here’s their Telegram channel:

Please watch my other videos that expose the lies that Jacinda Ardern, the police and the mainstream media have been telling about Camp Freedom and the protestors:

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Camp Freedom, Wellington, New Zealand . . . According to the “Single Source of Truth”

And check out this video of the Freedom Convoy too:

You Better Get Ready Wellington, The New Zealand Convoy is Coming

I only put certain videos here in You Tube, but all my videos can be found on my Bitchute channel

And my Rumble channel

And I'm also on nTelegram:

Thanks to Mendeleyev for his version of Richie Haven's "Freedom' which I used at the start:

And if you are the person who took the iconic image of the protestors standing in the rain right at the end of my video, please make yourself known to me. Its a great photo and you deserve credit.