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Published on Dec 16, 2011

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THe warmongers find war so atractive and promote it so well the crowd cheers war. Yet of those cheering how many have seen the dead children and crying families after a war plane drops bombs, how many will shoot through the head or heart another human. War is not some movie war is murder mass murder. War is blood on your soul, a perpetual eturnal nitmare of guilt. SOvereign humans do not prosicute war in the name of fake governments nor for bankgangsters. War is evil.

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@ Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - If we can be a holy assembly? I do not know how .. but I believe the Lord God will manifest his glorious presence to us: as it did with our fathers: and all the world may have a new sign of faith! If what I said is the will of God? will overcome all obstacles! shalom my friend

@Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - se noi sapremo essere una assemblea santificata? non so in che modo.. ma io credo che il Signore Dio manifesterà la sua presenza gloriosa anche a noi: come già fece con i nostri padri: affinché tutto il mondo possa avere un nuovo segno di fede! Se quello che io ho detto: è volontà di Dio? ogni ostacolo sarà superato!

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@Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - the second group will be: for men of all religions: while: the third group is for politicians and journalists .. because: the whole world to must see: as: not there are: racism or bullying: or superiority in any of us! as: being in the presence of God means to be terrified of any: pride, vanity, selfishness or evil!

@Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - il secondo gruppo: sarà: per gli uomini di tutte le religioni: mentre: il terzo gruppo: è per i politici ed i giornalisti.. perché: tutto il mondo veda: come non c'è: razzismo: o prepotenza: o superiorità: in nessuno di noi! poiché: essere alla presenza di Dio: significa essere atterrati: di ogni: vanità orgoglio: egoismo o cattiveria!

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@Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - so: in mode representing the whole human race: I would do three groups (caravans): distance of 2 kilometers from each other, in the first group: only the Jews (because it's only: for this priestly ministry: universal that they are the chosen people: namely, to teach all men to know: and serve God with love:)

@Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - così: in rappresentanza di tutto il genere umano: io farei tre gruppi(carovane): distanziati da 2 chilometri: uno dall'altro, nel primo gruppo: soltanto gli ebrei:(poiché: è soltanto: per questo ministero sacerdotale: ed universale: che, loro sono il popolo eletto: cioè: per insegnare a tutti gli uomini: a conoscere ed a servire Dio)

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@Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - I think, that God is been very offended even by me for my sinful life! so with all those who have my own feelings of shame: they might come: with me to cry all the sins of mankind: from Abel, the "righteous", until the last martyr of every day: murdered: in the name of an absurd intolerance: politics or religion! So: I'd take: under my custody: the Ark of the Covenant: and we would go all: the real Mount Sinai, that is: in Saudi Arabia: to cry: 40 days: to do penance: fasting and prayers and to understand: who is he : that the Lord God will choose: for to be the high priest in Israel

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@ Benjamin Netanyahu: בנימין נתניהו - however: I have received a political Ministry: Universal and theological: I am in the Kingdom of God: the Metaphysical: Unius REI, for, as there is only one God, so there is only one king: on the whole the human race: that is why, I am also the King of Israel: in according at the order of Melchizedek: that our father Abraham give to him tithing: in exchange for a single blessing!- we have too many things in common: in fact: I also do not will hesitate to kill: in self-defense: if this was necessary! I am a Zionist: for the kingdom of Israel .. and I know very well that only a jew could be the King of Israel. I know your faith, and that it becomes precious when it is been purified in the pain too many times: as it was for us! At the same time: faith is not never realizes itself: in hatred: how they would like some perverse crazy religious .. but, faith realizes itself only in the hope: shalom my brother. my heart is filled with gratitude to you: to be granted to me: your hospitality on this site: that is "the land of Israel" .. but, in my turn .. I was not moved myself: from my own personal needs:.. but I am been transportation, from my love for the benefit of all mankind

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