Slavic power ( slavic pride worldwide )



Published on Jun 8, 2017

The Slavs, over 400 million in the world.
The most numerous of the white peoples in the world.
No people in the world currently have more territory than the Slavs.
More than 10% of the land in this world is Slavic.
No people, no country, no Kingdom or empires could defeat the Slavs on their land.
Sooner or later the enemy has always been defeated!

The future of Europe is to the east.

In the past our ancestors are united the Slavs have never been so powerful that when they formed of union!

The wars, the problems between us, all are , because, of externals intervention of the Slavic world, or what are the traitors, who think of to enrich themselves at Debant of people , or to kill her people, by unnecessary wars, just for personal interests .. and not that of his people.

we must not confuse people with his government.
and one must take into account the influence of government on a people ..

Ibrahim ibn Jakub
10th century wrote :

''the Slavs live in disunity
if they would unite
no one could defeat them'' PEACE BETWEEN THE SLAVS

2:05 to 2:55.