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Published on Apr 7, 2009

This video is made to share some of my pictures regarding the Dutch SS. I also want to share three of my songs from the NSB: 'De zwarte soldaten', 'Margariet' and 'Oostlandlied'. Will add more information by the pictures and also here but that's pending for now. Please show respect and don't be an idiot, thanks.

Also some pictures of SS-Brigadeführer und Generalmajor der Waffen-SS Jürgen Wagner. We can also see the 4 Dutch Knight's Cross or Ritterkreuz holders. I've add information about them to.

Disclaimer: as always, I'm a person with Patriotic and Nationalistic thought's. I'm not a national socialist or nazi myself although I do agree with some things. Well I could talk for hours but will not do that here. Let's just say that I'm really worried about our race and country. I'm pure Dutch since at least 1500 and I don't like it either when we're controlled by another country. But it looks like we can't take care of ourselves these days. Uniting is the only way to save ourselves but we must keep sovereign. Although I feel something for an old Holland that included Belgium and Luxemburg. I respect all people in the world and don't believe in the 'übermenschen' thing, although I strongly believe that every race should have his own place. I believe that this could lead to a better world!

Songtext of De Zwarte Soldaten or 'The black soldiers':
WA-koor Amsterdam (1942) - De zwarte soldaten
This song has the same melody as the German version that's called: 'Wir sind die Braunen Soldaten'. Non of these songs contain bad words! Maybe I will translate some parts of them.

De strijd is ontbrand,
Verdeeldheid moet weg,
In ons schoon Nederland,
Nu zijn wij nog geknecht.
De nieuwe geest breekt baan,
Wij zijn dus paraat,
Laat 't eenheidsfront maar slaan,
Wij blijven op de straat.
Kom Kameraad,
Toont een daad,
Voor ons Volk en Land,
Waar het om gaat.

Want wij zijn de zwarte soldaten,
Met ANTON MUSSERT zijn wij in 't gevecht,
Daarom zijn wij de zwarte soldaten,
Want wij strijden voor vrijheid en voor recht.
Wij strijden tegen 't marxisme,
Roodfront Liberalisme,
Want ons Volk moet in vrijheid weer leven,
Dat is onze taak en heilig recht;
Daarom zijn wij de zwarte soldaten,
Met ANTON MUSSERT zijn wij in 't gevecht.