Medical Martial Law - Vaccine Passports for Interstate Travel in Australia




Published on May 18, 2021

There comes a time when even the most rational amongst us must admit: we are closer to medical martial law than ever before in my lifetime, or my parents' lifetime.

Today it was revealed by Greg Hunt and Scott Morrison that they are working with state premiers to create lockdown and border exemptions for those who are COVID-19 vaccinated in order to incentivise vaccine take up.

This means vaccine passports for interstate travel in Australia. There's no other way around it. Vaccine passports. Within Australia.

Will it remain more talk and signaling? Or will this actually happen?

One thing is for sure...we all need to go apologise right now to the 'crazy' people who warned of this 12 months ago.

'Don't be ridiculous!' we said. 'Vaccine passports? This isn't mid twentieth century Europe!'. No, this is 2021 Australia.

Watch the full 'Covid Normal' discussion:


I found a Member of Parliament, showed them a Michael Bay movie about Covid-23, and asked them about the new 'covid normal'.

Thank you to Richard Riordan MP for agreeing to come and answer these questions with a very open and honest approach.

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