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Galloway Gone Crackers? (Normal service resumed shortly)




Published on Sep 16, 2007

The last of Galloway Crackers, at least for a while anyways.

First off, let me say I've taken different clips from different shows (this weekend and last) and stitched them together but it in no way alters GG's viewpoint on the Iran/Iraq matter. I've done so because it's important to see the shift in his position from that in Galloway Crackers #14 i.e. accepting official lines that are repeated adnauseam in the mainstream media without evidence.

This isn't an attack on George but an attempt to promote further discussion and to seek clarification after his reply to my queries which ended up being the mother of all non-sequiturs. Go to couchtripper to download the Saturday show 15th/9/2007 for his unedited intro piece.

George doesn't support the regime in Iran over a number of issues and I agree with everyone of them but I'm upset this time that he is repeating the lines in the msm and the pro war mantra without explaining his reasons for them.

Hey, no-one agrees with everything George says but on a matter this important I'd expect the Whos, Whys, Hows, Wheres and What fors to be addressed and explained. I hope he sorts this one out.

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