How Google Is Taking Over The $3 Trillion HealthCare Industry | W/ Dr. Robert Epstein (Part 1)


Maryam Henein


Published on Nov 22, 2019

Find out how Google is collecting health data on millions of Americans some without their knowledge.

Are you one of them?

Join me as I speak to Dr. Robert Epstein, Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology and former editor in chief of Psychology Today. He's been studying and writing about Google since 2012.

He shares his findings regarding mind control, surveillance, and privacy violations.

November 1st:
Google's parent company Alphabet acquired FitBit for a cool $2.1 billion, adding it to the other 200 companies it owns.

November 12th:
The Wall Street Journal reports via an anonymous 'source' within Google that the company has been accessing millions of patients' personal health data alongside Ascension, the largest Catholic health system in the world, without patient consent.

One of Google's slogans is "focus on the user and all else will follow."
Does it include domination over our health?

This segment also features Zach Vorhies, former Google software engineer-turned-whistleblower who had the courage and consciousness to share 950 pages, illustrating how Google is set on controlling our minds.

Sounds crazy?
You decide.

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