Cleric Ali Talal at Mosque in France: We Will Uproot Zionism; Zionists Are Source of All Disputes




Published on Oct 3, 2018

On April 29, Shiite cleric Ali Talal delivered an address at the Centre Zahra Mosque in Grande-Synthe, France. Wearing camouflage fatigues, Talal "saluted" Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for his "steadfastness." Addressing the "accursed, criminal, and arrogant Zionists," Talal said that "we won't rest" until Zionism is removed from all the land. During another sermon on May 15, Talal talked about Zionists being "the source of all disputes." On October 2, Centre Zahra Mosque and the homes of twelve of its members were raided by French police, who arrested three of the mosque's leaders for illegal weapons possession. The police raids were prompted by suspicion of links to terrorist organizations. Centre Zahra's founder, Yahia Gouasmi, is also the founder of France's Anti-Zionist Party and of the Shiite Federation of France.