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Published on Jun 19, 2012

with Theo Chalmers, Dave Barnby and Tony Gosling.
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Revealed: The secret report that shows how the Nazis planned a Fourth Reich the EU

Let's go back to the little village of Oosterbeek in Holland, just West of Arnhem, where it all began at the inaugural Bilderberg meeting, chaired by a former SS officer, in 1954.
The site, exactly a decade before, of one of the most controversial battles of the second world war.

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Many have questioned why Eisenhower backed Monty's Operation Market Garden (MG) and failed to back US General Patton who, with hindsight, stood a better chance further south of dealing a decisive blow to the Nazis. Was indeed Eisenhower's choice to back Montgomery over Patton perversely exactly what the Nazis wanted?
The question has always been what could the motive possibly have been for Horrocks to halt the Irish and Grenadier guards' advance at the crucial moment just as they crossed the Nijmegen Bridge at 7pm on Wednesday 20th September 1944. Now we have a possible motive. Something very secret and very big was afoot. The Nazi capital flight had just begun at the notorious Red House meeting of which Martin Bormann was in charge, it was going to take best part of a year to achieve and nothing could be allowed to stop it. Not even the combined forces of the British & American post D-Day armies.
Martin Bormann — Nazi in Exile
A decisively powerful network of corporate entities run by hardened SS veterans, the Bormann group constitutes what one veteran banker termed "the greatest concentration of money power under a single control in history." The founda­tion of the organization's clout is money—lots and lots of money. Controlling German big business and, through invest­ments, much of the rest of the world's economy, the organization was the repository for the stolen wealth of Europe, estimated by British intelligence to have totaled more than $180 billion by the end of 1943

Von Clausewitz, List, the Bormann Capital Network and the Subjugation of Europe
Posted by Dave Emory · February 23, 2012
COMMENT: To come to understand what is taking place in Europe, it is essential to understand the military philosophy of Prussian military theo­retician Karl von Clausewitz. In All Honorable Men, James Stewart Martin highlighted an important aspect of von Clausewitz's philosophy, that war and diplomacy are two sides of the same coin. When diplomacy is no longer effective, the policy goal is pursued through the use of armed force. When war and military power have reached the limits of their effectiveness, diplomacy continues the pursuit of the goal.

Nazi Gold
Part 3: Bormann's Aktion Feuerland

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