Arrest Warrants John Frewen Operation Covid Shield Military War Threats (Australia)


Teresa van Lieshout


Published on Jul 14, 2021

Original Uploads Evidence,
Seven Arrest Warrants Issued 11th July, Adelaide, South Australia,
John Frewen, Brendan Murphy, Paul Kelly, Carolyn Edwards, Scott Morrison, David Hurley,
Jane Halton
Objective: To arrest, charge, secure, & imprison, as many lockdown politicians (federal & state) as possible in each Australian state (liberal, labor, greens, nationals, & any other lockdown politicians), & seizure of their wealth/property.
Arrest Powers, Crimes Act 1914 (Cth),
3WA, arrest powers without warrant by constables.
3Z, arrest powers without warrant by other persons [by the people].
3ZA, warrants for arrest.
3ZB, power to enter premises to arrest.
3ZD, person to be informed of arrest grounds.
section 15AA, bail not to be granted under any circumstances.
State & Federal Police have MY rock solid published guarantee of safety, cover, protection, & power to act to arrest/jail lockdown politicians, under s40D, Federal Police Act 1979.
Use any other commonwealth/state law arrest person/seizure property powers available. Email arrest warrants videos to police stations in your state.
Crimes Act 1900, Part 2, Offences against sovereigns, Part 3, Division 1, Homicide, murder & manslaughter, Div 2, Conspiring to commit murder, Div 3, Attempts to murder, Div 4 threats in writing, Div 5 aids &/or abets suicide, Div 6 acts causing danger to life/bodily harm, Div 8 & 9 assaults on the people.
Schedule 2, Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), section 80.1 (1), Treason, s80.1 (2), Assisting in treasonous offences, s268.4 - 7, Genocide, 268.8 Crimes against humanity - murder, s 268.9 Crimes against humanity - extermination.
Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), Chapter 5, Part 5, Division 80, Treason & assisting in treasonous offences, Treachery, Sedition, Urging violence against the constitution & urging violence against the people, & genocidal factors. Div 82, Sabotage, Div 91, Espionage, Divs 100 – 105A, Planning, urging, & using terrorism on the people, Div 115, Harming Australians. Chapter 7, Part 7, Div 130 - 132, Lying, Stealing, Div 133 - 137, Fraud, Dishonesty, Div 138 - 139, Threats towards commonwealth public officials,
Div 140 - 145, Bribery & Forgery.
Criminal Code Act 1995 (Cth), Chapter 8, Genocide, Crimes against humanity & related offences, Division 268, Subdivisions A, B, & C, politicians are guilty of almost everything in this division, Subdiv B, s268.2 - 7, Genocide by killing,
causing serious body & mental harm, deliberately inflicting painful conditions on human life [lockdown conditions], imposing sterilization, forced drugging [psychiatric & vax], & abortion (measures intended to prevent birth), forcibly transferring/stealing the peoples children. Subdiv C, Crimes against humanity, s268.8, murder, s268.9 extermination, s268.10 enslavement, s268.12 arbitrary imprisonment, s268.13 torture, s268.14 rape, s268.15-17 sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, & forced pregnancy, s268.18 enforced sterilization, s268.19 sexual violence, s268.20 persecution of the people, s268.21 stealing people, s268.22 apartheid towards the Australian population, s268.23, other inhumane acts.
Crimes Act 1914, Search, Arrest, & Seizure Property powers, Parts IAA, & IAAA. Property defined under that Act, “includes money & every animate or inanimate thing capable of being the subject of ownership.”
Constitution Act 1900, s51 (xxxi) seizure of property, s51 (xxix) applied special human rights power [sovereigns], s 51 (xxxix) incidental/national applied power.
Crimes Act 1914, s43 (1), arrest anyone who attempts to obstruct, pervert, or defeat your course of justice.
Crimes Act 1914, s15GE (2) (b), Fraud [lockdown conditions based on lies/fraud], s 24AA, Treachery. Crimes Act 1958 (Vic), s 9A Treason.
Other state Criminal Codes, & state Confiscation/Seizure Property Acts apply.
Federal Police Act 1979, Part 3, Divisions 1 & 2.
By Order The Peoples Governor General of Australia
Mobile: 0400409771