Adrian Davies: "Optics, Ethics, and the Cause"


American Renaissance


Published on May 17, 2018

After the setbacks of 2017, British barrister Adrian Davies says it is time for reflection and analysis. Mr. Davies argues that white advocates must think very seriously about how they present themselves. “We need to inspire and win over the best people in our societies,” says Mr. Davies, “and we are not going to do that by behaving in a fashion that attracts only the mob.”

Mr. Davies warns against the “Marxist fallacy” that history will break our way without anyone taking action or making sacrifices. We must also not make excuses for flawed leaders simply because they have thrust themselves forward.

Mr. Davies closes by urging the audience to steel themselves for the task ahead. There are opportunities white advocates can seize, but only if they comport themselves in the best way possible.

Adrian Davies:

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