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Published on Aug 26, 2011

Nick Redfern is a freelance journalist that has been writing and researching the topic of UFO's and the paranormal since the late 90's. Nick is the author of: "The NASA Conspiracies", "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter", "Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown", "On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFO's and Government Surveillance" and "Contactees" among others. In this program we focus on his latest book "The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena". We begin our discussion about the people at the root of the men in black phenomena: Albert K. Bender, Gray Barker and John Keel. Then, we talk about some of the most interesting cases, reports and theories. Are the men in black simply government agents or could they be aliens, human genetic experiments, hybrids, clones, robots, time travelers or agents from an alien race? Since they often are reported in connection to UFO sightings, one of the more common theories about them is that they are sent out to warn eyewitnesses not to discuss their sightings. In other cases, because of their odd behavior, their mission seems to be to discredit the eyewitness of a UFO. We run through the different possibilities and discuss references made in movies and TV-shows and their influence on the phenomena.