GEORGE SOROS is a HERO! ..per Roseanne Barr - go support OPEN BORDERS!!! Yay!!


Bill Smith


Published on Jun 11, 2018

You should read about this right here:

Roseanne dresses like Hitler to cook Palestinians in the Oven:

SO LISTEN: Roseanne Barr gets her show REBOOTED (AFTER Trump is Elected), takes a lead in the conservative moment, and now her tweets are pointing you to the Soros Open Borders Society??

Roseanne calls George Soros a HERO:
(she's not a good qanon or conservative thought leader now, right??)

Now, Iran and Israel are going to be friends now that the US 'un-did' the money flow?

Per Roseanne Barr (National Anthem Massacre-er):
I apologize sincerely to @georgesoros. His family was persecuted by The Nazis & survived The Holocaust only because of the strength & resourcefulness of his father. Learn more of the truth about this at:

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